New York City Citywide Payroll Data

Publisher: NYC Office of Payroll Administration (OPA) Start Date: 2015 End Date: 2020 Record Count: 3,333,368

Collection: Public employees
Description: Data is collected because of public interest in how the City’s budget is being spent on salary and overtime pay for all municipal employees. Data is input into the City's Personnel Management System (“PMS”) by the respective user Agencies. Each record represents the following statistics for every city employee: Agency, Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, Agency Start Date, Work Location Borough, Job Title Description, Leave Status as of the close of the FY (June 30th), Base Salary, Pay Basis, Regular Hours Paid, Regular Gross Paid, Overtime Hours worked, Total Overtime Paid, and Total Other Compensation (i.e. lump sum and/or retro payments). This data can be used to analyze how the City's financial resources are allocated and how much of the City's budget is being devoted to overtime. The reader of this data should be aware that increments of salary increases received over the course of any one fiscal year will not be reflected. All that is captured, is the employee's final base and gross salary at the end of the fiscal year. NOTE: As a part of FISA-OPA’s routine process for reviewing and releasing Citywide Payroll Data, data for some agencies (specifically NYC Police Department (NYPD) and the District Attorneys’ Offices (Manhattan, Kings, Queens, Richmond, Bronx, and Special Narcotics)) have been redacted since they are exempt from disclosure pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law, POL § 87(2)(f), on the ground that disclosure of the information could endanger the life and safety of the public servants listed thereon. They are further exempt from disclosure pursuant to POL § 87(2)(e)(iii), on the ground that any release of the information would identify confidential sources or disclose confidential information relating to a criminal investigation, and POL § 87(2)(e)(iv), on the ground that disclosure would reveal non-routine criminal investigative techniques or procedures.


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Additional Notes: This dataset is directly downloaded from the city's data portal, and not confirmed by OPA officials. The total column is calculated based on instructions from its data dictionary. The date column shows the person's first start date at their agency.