Paycheck Protection Program Loans

Publisher: US Small Business Administration Start Date: 2020 End Date: 2020 Record Count: 5,212,128

Collection: Government Spending
Description: PPP Loan data was released by the Small Business Administration on July 6, 2020. Loans over $150,000 are described in terms of five amount ranges; loans less than that amount are aggregated by ZIP code and business type. The minimum value of each range and the aggregated values are used as a single amount value in this database. Each record represents a loan from the United States Federal government to a small business via a third party institutional lender. Loans are convertible into grants if the receiving business meets various criteria for employee retention. The full data set contains all original variables and new variables added with minimally, consistently, and confidently normalized character strings. These normalized strings are those searched from the Accountability database. The original data came in two different file format with mostly overlapping columns; these two files were merged into one, with non-shared columns filled with missing values. Data was processed using R software and is documented on the Accountability Project GitHub repository.


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