Closed Covid-19 OSHA Complaints

Publisher: Occupational Safety and Health Administration Start Date: 2020 End Date: 2020 Record Count: 23,380

Collection: Compliance
Description: OSHA publishes federal and state plan complaints related to COVId-19 every Saturday. This dataset contains all closed complaints from its weekly report. According to a DOL spokesperson, complaints are listed as “closed/final” if they were valid complaints. A valid complaint must state the reason for the inspection request. There must be reasonable grounds to believe that either a violation of the Act or OSHA standard that exposes employees to physical harm exists, serious injury or death exists. A complaint cannot be marked as closed unless one of these activities has occurred. Any valid complaint must be closed either through the phone/fax/email process or by opening a formal inspection. Complaints are closed based on the exchange of information between the employer and OSHA. The Area Office reviews responses from employers regarding actions taken to address the complaint items and determine whether further action is warranted.

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