Federal Sub-Grants

Publisher: US Department of the Treasury Start Date: 2001 End Date: 2022 Record Count: 4,912,375

Collection: Government Spending
Description: Sub-award assistance are agreements between a prime award recipient and a third party to distribute a portion of the original award. For example, University A receives an R&D grant from the National Science Foundation. University A needs University B to perform the initial step in the research. University B is the sub-grantee. It’s also common for federal assistance to be awarded to a state agency and then have sub-awards distributed to a company, organization, individual, or a subsequent government entity (e.g., local, tribal, or foreign). Sub-grant assistance awards are pulled periodically from the USAspending.gov database using their public API. All awards are kept as-is and some may appear more than once from separate datasets on Accountability Project searches. Data has been updated through the end of 2022.

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