Federal lobbying clients

Publisher: Senate Office of Public Records Start Date: 1999 End Date: 2021 Record Count: 1,596,890

Collection: Lobbying
Description: The Lobbying Disclosure Act requires that those participating in lobbying activities submit quarterly filings disclosing clientele. Each filing describes a single relationship between a registrant and client. The registrant may be an outside lobbying firm reporting income received from a client or a client themselves employing in-house lobbyists reporting internal lobbying expenses. In the second case, both the registrant and client are the same entity. Lobbying disclosure filings were obtained through a free API operated by the Senate Office of Public Records as mandated by section 208 of the 2007 HLOGA. Data is available for filings made since 1999 and has been updated to include all filings through the 4th quarter filing period of 2022.

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