Federal lobbyist work

Publisher: Senate Office of Public Records Start Date: 1999 End Date: 2021 Record Count: 3,694,137

Collection: Lobbying
Description: The Lobbying Disclosure Act requires that registrants disclose all lobbyists, in-house or outside, that were paid to work on various issues for a single client. Multiple lobbyists employed by a firm might work for a single client on any number of issues. Compensation of lobbyists is not disclosed, only the total sum paid to the outside firm or expended internally by the client during that filing period. Lobbying disclosure filings were obtained through a free API operated by the Senate Office of Public Records as mandated by section 208 of the 2007 HLOGA. Data is available for filings made since 1999 and has been updated to include all filings through the third quarter filing period of 2021.

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