Many of our databases contain valuable information that is not easily manipulated through a search interface. Datasette is a project that allows web users to run raw sql queries against a live database instance.

Live Datasettes

These datasettes are currently live. If you're interested in querying other data we've indexed, please contact us.

Hospital-level COVID beds Updated weekly by HHS. Includes weekly average occupancy for ICU beds and all hospital beds overall, both in terms of beds dedicated to COVID patients and beds occupied by all patients. Data is not listed for patient groupings with fewer than 4 members, which are marked instead as -99999. Some data has been left blank or uses -999999 designations inappropriately.

Nursing home infection control and ownership. This datasette contains basic ownership about nursing homes, as well as reports of infection control deficiencies and ownership data. The nursing home locations are geocoded, so it's possible to run spatial queries. An example query shows how to find infection control issues within 20 kilometers of a known location. Does not require users to be logged in.

Nonprofit salary and ethics files. This datasette includes nonprofit salaries of $100,000 or more (disclosed on electronic tax returns) as well as several measures of a nonprofit's self-dealing: loans to or from the organization; "excess benefit transactions" and transactions and benefits given to organizational "insiders". (🔒 Requires a public accountability login to access).